Come with us for exotic adventures

Imagine an abandoned temple in the rainforest that gradually absorbs the surrounding vegetation. Trees grow into the walls, defenseless sculptures are surrounded by lianas... And now imagine that butterflies live and fly in such a place. Hundreds and hundreds of them. The most beautiful butterfly species on our planet! You do not have to look for such a place in the jungle of South America or Far Asia, but right in the center of Prague. This is Papilonia – the butterfly house of Prague.

The styling of Papilonia was inspired by the temple of Angkor Vat in Cambodia, however, the butterfly species come from all over the world – for example, from the rainforests of Mexico, South America, Southeast Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa or Australia. For this reason, we maintain a constant temperature of 26 ° C and 80% humidity throughout the area of 150m².

How does it look like?

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