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Butterfly wings and body colors match as if made by a professional designer.

Attacus atlas

Největší jedinci jsou větší než formát papíru A5

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Wingspan of our butterflies can reach 20 cm.

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There are no barriers between our guest and butterflies.

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This is not a photo of a dry banana leaf. This is a butterfly Kalima inachus having lunch.

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Some butterflies will literally show off their beauty for your photo.

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Butterflies from all corners of the world. However, they are happy to eat together like close friends.

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Butterflies are the second most common flower pollinator in the world.

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The main feeder is always busy.

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You will see a butterfly hatching from a pupa with your own eyes.

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Do not miss the chance of a beautiful photo of you or your child with an exotic butterfly.

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Beautiful colors belong not only to butterflies in Papilionia.

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Papilonia is a butterfly house with artificial lighting, which is unique even on a global scale.

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Butterflies will fly all around you.

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Our butterflies are not afraid of people. It might happen that some winged beauty will sit on you.

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You can have a close look at butterflies.

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We simulate the tropical jungle climate in Papilonia.

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An illustration of this butterfly was found on a 3500-year-old fresco in Luxor, Egypt.

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Papilonia offers the opportunity to watch exotic butterflies in their natural environment.

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A statue surrounded by tropical vegetation.

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The Morpho peleides butterfly is called a "flying gem" not in vain.

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Loving couple of butterflies Morpho peleides.

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A newly hatched butterfly resting before its first flight.

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Caligo memnon and its drawing imitating an owl eye to scare predators.

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The butterfly Morpho polyphemus might approach to get acquainted with you.

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Siesta performed by two butterflies coming from the tropical jungle.

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You will see hundreds of butterflies from up to forty most beautiful species on our planet.

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Butterfly hatchery is located at the back of the flight zone.

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If you are lucky enough, you will see how a new butterfly is coming from the pupa.

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If you want to learn some interesting facts from the world of butterflies, use the information kiosks right in the flight zone.

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The butterfly Idea leuconoe is an elegant flier - it can even glide like big birds.

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The environment of Papilonia is inspired by the Angkor Vat Temple in Cambodia.

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Butterflies are not stressed by people at all.

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Passing from the lake with a waterfall to the section with the main feeder and butterfly hatcheries.

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Beautiful coloring is not only a feature of their wings but also their bodies.

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You are not limited to take photos in Papilonia.

Attacus atlas

Atlas velký, latinsky Attacus atlas

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The Papilonia flight zone decorating is inspired by the Angkor Vat temple in Cambodia.

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The Bridge over the lake is an ideal place for your photo.

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Butterflies like bright colors of your clothes. We recommend to wear a yellow T-shirt.

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Butterflies are fed with half-rotten fruit, sugar solution and nectar from special flower species.

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Information kiosk in front of the main butterfly feeder.