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Papilonia is a butterfly house under artificial lighting, which is a globally unique attraction.

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The climate here is the same as in a tropical jungle, the area of the butterflies’ natural habitat.

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Each Papilonia’s flight zone has its unique style, making the atmosphere of the tour an unparalleled experience.

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Beautiful colours are not reserved only to butterflies in Papilonia.

Group 3829

Butterflies are not stressed in the least by human presence.

Group 3830

There are no barriers between guests and butterflies.

Group 3831

You may observe hundreds of specimens of almost thirty of the most beautiful species on the Earth.

Group 3832

There will be butterflies flying all around you.

Group 3833

You will be able to observe them from a close distance.

Group 3834

There are no limitations to taking photos in Papilonia.

Group 3835

Our butterflies are not afraid of people. A winged beauty may thus land on you at some point.

Group 3836

Butterflies love colourful clothes. We recommend to wear a bright yellow T-shirt.

Group 3837

The biggest specimens are larger than an A5 sheet of paper.

Group 3838

The hatchery with butterfly chrysalises will be right in front of your eyes.

Group 3839

With a bit of luck you will be able to see a butterfly hatching from its chrysalis.

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